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#BISE business outline

The central question facing the online & mobile dating industry today is:

How can online matchmaking drive more real-world dating?


Today, what users want isn’t more or better matches on the screen: What they want is an easier and faster ways to meet them in real life (IRL). Therefore, the big thing now is offline and the next business model for this rapidly growing and transforming industry is offline driven.


The answer to both users & industry needs is BISE, as it marries online dating with offline dating.



































BISE empowers singles to meet their future mates and to discover cultural or entertainment hotspots in their cities or abroad.


BISE aims to turn online dating industry sets of values & business model upside down.


BISE is a new mobile dating business model that transforms mobile dating & online dating markets by using & combining innovative technologies.
























BISE Uniqueness: BISE is a disruptive mobile dating service that provides singles with an easier & faster way to meet at their favourite hangout IRL, rather than locking themselves in endless virtual exchanges.

















BISE is a user-oriented service, offering the ability to more quickly connect person to person with others from the network, who are in one’s precise environment offering personal connections that would otherwise not happen: at the market, at an event, at a museum, at a restaurant, at a bar, at a nightclub or anywhere, making BISE a social entrepreneurship venture that empowers single people to meet and rate/exchange useful tips on hangouts across their city and abroad. These useful tips are enabling users to discover in a fun & ludic manner, new Points of Interest (POI) across their city or on a trip, making BISE a useful application for local tourism and economy.


BISE unique selling points: (1) Enables users to have better, more rapid and relevant introductions IRL; (2) Enhances online connections by taking conversations offline instantly; (3) Offers more suitable connections from their immediate circles of activities that result in more opportunities to find the right partner; (4) Enhances Quality of Life for users; (5) Explores hotspots in users’ city & abroad; (6) Increases Employment (BISE, restaurant, bars & nightclubs industry, cultural & tourism industry, singles market industry).


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#BISE Business Outline