InnoGage believes in an open, collaborative & inclusive approach to innovation with the support of its large multi-disciplinary and international network of partners and clients in Europe and beyond.


Do you have a question ? Do you want to set a doodle with us ? Do you want to boost your digital communication ? Do you need advice on your next innovation project ? Do you want to partner with us for a better tomorrow ?


Public digital communication is a key element in open policy-making and in engaging & informing citizens, policy stakeholders, media & YOUR audiences in the digital era.

InnoGage's services cover the entire digital communication eco-system & value chain from strategy to implementation. InnoGage offers digital communication & stakeholders' engagement services (i.e. social media engagement, online campaign, infographics, web presence and videos) to empower policy-makers, policy stakeholders, organisations, media & governments to meet successfully the challenges of modern politics, government & media.

InnoGage provides dissemination, communication & stakeholders' engagement services to YOUR public initiatives, European co-funded projects, political and advocay campaigns.


InnoGage delivers powerful services to empower, train, educate, activate and mobilize public, academic, civil and private stakeholders & end-users to meet successfully the challenges of modern politics, government & media in the digital era.

InnoGage co-creates innovative concepts & provides dissemination, communication & engagement services for Open Government projects, initiatives and campaigns such as Projects & Partnerships within public procurements and calls for proposals ; Co-design & organization of thematic workshops & events ; Training & Capacity Building workshop & webinars ; Digital strategies to enhance YOUR public presence on the Internet & social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Blogosphere...) and Reports, Research, Prospective Studies & Surveys.


What will change to live in a "smart city” ?

The smart city of tomorrow is multi-faceted with a main ingredient at its core: THE CITIZEN

Therefore, a successful Smart City empowers its citizens to live better, to better move, to work better, to be smarter consumers and smarter citizens.

InnoGage offers powerful services for smarter cities and regions including  setting up multidiciplinary consortium to respond to public calls for projects ; digital comminication & engagement services for successful take-up and organisation of thematic workshops within high profile international conferences.