Innovation, digital communication, stakeholders’ engagement and content creation are making our DNA. is a creative and dynamic Digital Agency that empowers people, organisations, media and government to communicate their stories, engage their stakeholders and scale-up their innovation projects. 

Born in the “EU Bubble”, innovation, digital communication, stakeholders’ engagement and content creation have become part of our DNA. Today, provides expert services build on a wide network of media and multi-disciplinary partners to help innovators to scale-up their innovation projects and to achieve their online communication and engagement objectives.

Thanks to a long journey in communication, media and policy-shaping, acquired the experience and know-how from communication strategy to storytelling, videography and content creation to deliver you tailor-made high-quality digital communication and engagement solutions to get your stories, your projects, your campaigns and your events out there, while achieving your communication goals.

One of the benefits of communicating with us is that we partner with you to design tailor-made digital communication solutions ranging from strategy, storytelling, videography and content creation to make sure that your message is heard by your audience and your objectives are met.

With more than 15 years of experience in leading the communication and dissemination of numerous large and medium size Research and Innovation projects co-funded by the European Commission and in shaping open innovation in the public sphere across Europe, helps clients to respond successfully to grants and tenders for their innovation projects. 

One of the benefits of innovating with us is that we work as part of your team bringing along our entrepreneurial mindset, our communication experience, our EU funding skills and our large network of international partners to scale-up your projects in urban, public or media and creative innovation. is located in Tallinn and Brussels.

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Born in the “EU Bubble”, innovation, digital communication, stakeholders’ engagement and content creation have become part of our DNA.

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Born in what is being coined today as the “EU Bubble”, Daniel got quickly acquainted while growing up with the European project and its institutions. Already in 2004, he founded POLITECH Institute, the 1st European Centre of Excellence in Political Technologies based in the heart of Europe to provide policy and innovation responses to the emerging transformational agenda of the European Union. By offering an exchange and collaborative platform for the main actors of the Digital Revolution, POLITECH quickly rose to be a key actor in shaping digital innovation and policies in the use of ICT across Europe and mainly within the European Institutions (i.e. DG Connect, MEPs and Senior Commission’s officials heading EU Digital and Innovation Policies), Member States and Local Governments. As a result, Daniel started to developed an extensive and heterogenous network of contacts and partners that are still growing to this day. Within POLITECH, he created the first European Review of Political Technologies, which became an exclusive printed platform for the different policy and tech actors in Europe to voice their opinions on key policy issues. In 2010, POLITECH was integrated into Fondation EurActiv and, a leading multilingual online media on EU affairs and Policies, to foster EurActiv’s innovation, tech driven participatory initiatives and Media 2.0 projects co-funded by the European Commission. This experience has strengthened Daniel’s communication and media expertise alongside his policy-shaping skills acquired within POLITECH. Together with Christophe LECLERCQ, EurActiv’s Founder, Daniel co-founded to shape the debate around the European Citizen Initiative and its launch in 2012. In 2013 with Fondation EurActiv PoliTech’s “EU Community” project successfully funded by the European Commission, he focused on tech to foster the EU pre-legislative process. Within EurActiv, as director of social media, Daniel became a leading mind behind the growth of its social media and its increased participation in EU H2020 programme. In September 2017, Daniel became advisor for Citizen Participation at the Cabinet of David WEYTSMAN, Alderman for Citizen Participation at the City of Brussels and later on at the Cabinet of Clémentine BARZIN, his successor. As part of his tasks, he developed and led the City of Brussels’ citizen participation’s strategy and communication and supervised its projects implementation – amongst these, the 1st large scale participatory budget of the City, inspired by international good practices. Daniel also implemented an open relationship policy with many good practices and recognised Smart Cities in Europe such as Issy-les-Moulineaux, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Porto as well as with the European Commission (DG Connect) to foster international collaboration, exchange of good practices and the creation of a new « City Label » in line with the Tallinn eGovernment declaration principles. Since 2015, as founder of, Daniel is active in EU Horizon 2020 projects by leading their dissemination and communication strategy and activities, as well as in shaping Innovation in the european public sphere. In 2016, Daniel sealed a partnership with «Almouwatin - Bruxelles Média », a Brussels-based Web-TV and Radio, promoting social cohesion amongst communities, where he develops, hosts and produces audiovisual content, interviews and reports on Innovation, Europe, Belgian politics and international affairs as well as provide senior management advices on media development and funding opportunities. In addition, Daniel successfully developed partnerships and communication initiatives with other innovative media such as and Innovation, digital communication and content creation have become part of his DNA and today, Daniel is regarded by his peers as a European digital innovation pioneer and voice.