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Digital Communication & Stakeholders' Engagement

InnoGage offers digital communication & stakeholders' engagement services (i.e. social media engagement, online campaign, infographics, web presence and videos) to empower policy-makers, policy stakeholdersorganisations & governments to meet successfully the challenges of modern politics, campaigns, consultations, government & public governance.


Public digital communication has become a key element in open policy-making and in mobilising & informing citizens, policy stakeholders & YOUR audiences at the era of Internet & smart cities.



InnoGage provides dissemination, communication & stakeholders' engagement services to YOUR public initiatives, European co-funded projects, political and advocay campaigns.


InnoGage's services cover the entire digital communication eco-system & value chain from strategy to implementation & development comprised in our Digital Services. In order to respond to your entire digital communication needs, InnoGage is also offering Video Services


InnoGage #DigitalReports cover all your Digital Communication needs to communicate your messages and stories in a clear and concise way.


For more information and price quote, please contact us directly. We will be please to respond rapidly and meet with you.