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Hubert (male) is Co-Founder & Director at InnoGage Limited. Previously Research Associate at the European Institute of International Relations (IERI), member of the operational board of EurActiv PoliTech Fondation [www.euractiv.com], co-founder and Secretary-general of the PoliTech Institute (2004-2010), and Research Fellow in charge of strategic studies at the European Institute of Geoeconomics (2001-2003), he received a Ph.D. in law from the University of Paris-South XI. For more than 10 years, he was lecturer in international law and coordinator for several simulations of international negotiations in the framework of the Master II in Diplomacy (Paris-South University), in association with foreign academic partners. Through his activities, he has been editor in chief of the European Review of Political Technologies and the Cahiers du CREMOC, and the author of a book and many articles in outer space law and in international relations published in Brussels, Paris, Oxford and Taipei.


Key Expertises: Innovative Board Games, International Law, Outer Space, International Relations, Public Law

Hubert is fluent in French, English and Italian

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