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Open Government & Political Technologies

InnoGage co-creates innovative concepts & provides dissemination, communication & stakeholders' engagement services for Open Government & Political Technologies projects, initiatives and campaigns.


Public value

Public services are services offered to the general public and/or in the public interest with the main purpose of developing public value. Public value is the total societal value that cannot be monopolised by individuals, but is shared by all actors in society and is the outcome of all resource allocation decisions. As public services need to become more efficient and effective, governments have to consider innovative new ways of developing and organising the public sector for creating public value. Thus, transformation needs to address the way public value is created (European Commission, Digital Agenda for Europe).


Open Government

The future of government is less and less in the hands of governments alone. Technology has empowered ordinary citizens by offering them a way to make their voices heard and challenge government leaders about their ability and willingness to address public concerns and requests. It is no longer governments alone (the visible hand) or the market alone (the invisible hand) that will respond to these challenges; now also all and any partnerships and groups (many hands) are needed. A possible approach to pursue is therefore triggered by the advent of social media, ubiquitous mobile connectivity and web 2.0 activities, which allow not just for mass dissemination but also for mass production and collaboration. The term co-production is not new, what is new is the ability of this form of citizen and user engagement as a source of innovation; the implementation of new or significantly improved ways of providing public goods and services.  The public sector organisation that is at the heart of this transformation is open government, based on the principles of collaboration, transparency and participation and functioning within an open governance framework (European Commission, Digital Agenda for Europe).



InnoGage delivers powerful services to empower, train, educate, activate and mobilize public, academic, media, civil & private stakeholders & end-users to meet successfully the challenges of modern politics, public governance & communication in cyberspace:

  • Projects & Partnerships. Co-design of projects & partnerships in the framework of public procurements & European Calls for proposals in the converging domains of Political Technologies.

  • Co-design & organization of European and International workshops and events in dynamic partnerships & participation of key actors from the public, academia, not-for-profit & private sectors.

  • Training & Capacity Building – Co-design & organization of executive training targeting decision-makers, leaders, high-level researchers & senior executives.

  • Web 2.0 & Digital Public Communication services in the converging domains of Political Technologies – Digital strategies to enhance YOUR public presence in Web 2.0 environments & social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Blogosphere...).

  • Conduct Reports, Research, Prospective Studies & Surveys in the converging domains of Political Technologies.



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