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Smart Cities & Mobility

What will change to live in a "smart city” ?

There is no single and universal definition of a “smart city”. The smart city of tomorrow will be multi-faceted with a main ingredient at its core: THE CITIZEN

A Smart City empowers its citizens to live better, better move, work better & be smarter consumers.


How is Open Data Transforming City Life ?

Start a business. Manage your power use. Find cheap rents, or avoid crime-ridden neighborhoods. Cities & their citizens worldwide are discovering the power of “open data” and "Big Data": public data & information available from government & data from other sources that can help solve civic problems & create new business opportunities.


InnoGage co-creates innovative concepts for smart cities & smart mobility projects & initiatives.


InnoGage's services includes: The setting-up of multidiciplinary consortium to respond to public call for proposals, dissemination, comminication & stakeholders' engagement servicesorganising smart cities related workshops, contributing to smart cities events & workshops within high profile international conferences.



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