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Innovation, digital communication, stakeholders’ engagement, and visual content creation have become part of our DNA. is a creative & dynamic Digital Agency that empowers people, organisations, media & government to communicate their stories, engage their stakeholders & scale-up their innovation projects. is a Visual Content Creator Agency that empowers YOU to craft your message and stories with a Digital Communicator’s eye, engage and communicate with your stakeholders’ online campaign, and scale-up your innovative services, products, or projects.

Thanks to a long journey in communication, media and policy-shaping, acquired the experience and know-how from communication strategy to storytelling, videography and content creation to deliver you tailor-made high-quality digital communication and engagement solutions to get your stories, your projects, your campaigns and your events out there, while achieving your communication goals.

One of the benefits of communicating with us is that we partner with you to design tailor-made digital communication solutions ranging from strategy, storytelling, videography and content creation to make sure that your message is heard by your audience and your objectives are met.

With more than 15 years of experience in leading the communication and dissemination of numerous large and medium size Research and Innovation projects co-funded by the European Commission and in shaping open innovation in the public sphere across Europe, helps clients to respond successfully to grants and tenders for their innovation projects. 

One of the benefits of innovating with us is that we work as part of your team bringing along our entrepreneurial mindset, our communication experience, our EU funding skills and our large network of international partners to scale-up your projects in urban, public or media and creative innovation. is located in Tallinn and Brussels.