YOUR Digital Agency empowering people, organisations, media & governments to co-create a better tomorrow. 

InnoGage is a dynamic european digital agency born in 2015 with a rich history, expert skills and built on a large network of high profile individuals and partners designing our digital world and pioneering Open Government, Smart Cities & mobility or communication & engagement across Europe.

InnoGage merges open innovation with a digital communication & engagement consultancy to turn upside down products and services to empower people, organisations, media and governments to co- create a better tomorrow.

InnoGage believes in an open, collaborative & inclusive approach to innovation with the support of its large multi-disciplinary and international network of partners and clients in Europe and beyond.

InnoGage is a team of highly skilled and talented individuals with more than 10 years experience in innovation, digital communication & engagement in the public sphere.

InnoGage is based in Tallinn and Brussels.

Team -

InnoGage is a team of highly skilled and talented individuals with more than 10 years experience in innovation, digital communication & engagement in the public sphere.

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Born in what is being coined today as the “EU Bubble”, Daniel got quickly acquainted while growing up with the European project and its institutions. In 2004, Daniel founded POLITECH Institute, the 1st European Centre of Excellence in Political Technologies based in the heart of Europe to provide policy and innovation responses to the emerging transformational agenda of the European Union. By offering an exchange and collaborative platform for the actors of the digital revolution, POLITECH quickly rose to be a key actor in shaping concepts and policies in CivicTech and Open Government across Europe i.e. The European Interoperability Framework (2005), The Council of Europe recommendations on eDemocracy (2007), The UK Local eDemocracy Project (2006-2007), The EC eParticipation Action (2007- 2011).

In 2010, Politech was integrated into Fondation EurActiv and, the 1st online media on EU affairs and Policies) to foster innovation and participation initiatives and projects. This experience strengthen Daniel’s communication and media expertise along with his policy-shaping skills acquired within Politech. Together with Christophe LECLERCQ, EurActiv’s Founder, he co-founded to shape the debate around the European Citizen Initiative and its launch in 2012. In 2013 with Fondation EurActiv PoliTech’s “EU Community” project successfully funded by the European Commission, Daniel focused on developing tools for fostering the EU pre-legislative process. In September 2017, Daniel became advisor for Citizen Participation at the Cabinet of David WEYTSMAN, Alderman for Citizen Participation and later at the Cabinet of Clémentine BARZIN, Alderwoman for Citizen Participation until December 2018) at the City of Brussels. As part of his tasks, Daniel developed the City of Brussels’ citizen participation’s strategy and supervised its participatory projects implementation – amongst these, the 1st large scale participatory budget of the city, inspired by international good practices in place in Porto Allegre (Brazil, 1989), New York (US, 2001) and Paris (FR, 2014). He also implemented an open relationship policy with many good practices and recognised smart cities in Europe such as Issy-les-Moulineaux, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Porto as well as with the European Commission (DG Connect) to foster international collaboration, exchange of good practices and the creation of a new « City Label » in line with the Tallinn eGovernment declaration principles. Since 2015, as co-founder of InnoGage, he is active in Horizon 2020 projects - i.e. smart cities and mobility, open government and open innovation by leading their dissemination and communication strategy and activities, as well as in shaping open innovation in the public sphere across Europe. Innovation and online media have become part of his DNA and today, Daniel is sees by his peers as a European digital pioneer and an expert in the use of Internet in the public sphere.

HF -

In 2015, Hubert and Daniel founded InnoGage. Previously, Hubert and Daniel founded in 2004 POLITECH INSTITUTE, the sole European Centre of Political Technologies in Brussels, Capital of Europe, with a pan-European vision in the converging domains of Political Technologies and developed a neutral framework to encourage exchange, dialogue and collaboration between public institutions, international institutions, governments, regional and local authorities, universities, research centres, think tanks, civil society and political leaders with technology actors for a better use of ICT towards the advancement of modern public governance and democracy. In December 2010, POLITECH INSTITUTE was successfully integrated to Fondation EurActiv ( PoliTech brought to Fondation EurActiv PoliTech its rich know-how in public and civil society innovation to the media world. Between 2001 and 2003, Hubert was a Research Fellow in charge of strategic studies at the European Institute of Geo-economics, he received a Ph.D. in law from the University of Paris-South XI.

For more than 10 years, he was lecturer in international law and coordinator for several simulations of international negotiations in the framework of the Master II in Diplomacy (Paris-South University), in association with foreign academic partners. Through his activities, he has been editor in chief of the European Review of Political Technologies and the Cahiers du CREMOC, and the author of a book and many articles in outer space law and in international relations published in Brussels, Paris, Oxford and Taipei.