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Digital communication & engagement services and journalistic-style videography tailor-made to your online needs to get your stories, your projects, your campaigns, your events, your advocacies or your news out there. 


Do you have a question ? Do you want to set a doodle with us ? Do you want to boost your digital communication ? Do you need a video for your next social media campaign ? Do you need a communication plan for your next project ? Do you need to engage your audience on social media for your next event ?

STORYTELLING >>> Get your message out there !

Do you have great ideas for your digital campaigns, events or project, but you feel stuck with the key messages and your communication strategy? Do you have a great organisation or service but you don’t know how to communicate it to your audience in the digital world? The list of questions is long when you are building an online presence for your brand or organisation.

As experts in Digital communication and online engagement, we will figure out with you where to start and support you in developing a compelling communication & engagement strategy, an engaging story for your campaigns and projects or creating engaging messages and tactics to engage your stakeholders and audience. In this process, we will bring our know-how, experience and creativity to support you and your team intensively and personally to make sure you reach new heights in your branding journey.

Don’t hesitate anymore and communicate with us!

VIDEOGRAPHY >>> Communicate your stories !

Gone are the days, when the only market for videos was in thousands of production euros, because, here is the deal: we live in times that are crazy different than ever before and organisations, NGOs, influencers and campaigners need videos more than ever before.

Today, you need different types of videos such as social media ads, explainer videos, campaign videos, interviews or simply branding videos to share online. As today, organisations want to get positive return on their communication and engagement. We are bringing you our unique journalistic and influencer style and creativity to produce, edit, film and script attractive videos for your engagement, campaigns, interviews, news reports, stories, social media and innovation projects.

Don’t hesitate anymore and communicate with us!

CONTENT CREATION >>> Engage with your audience !

Online communication and engagement cannot be completed without content creation that is engaging a specific audience on a specific topic, adapted to social media and Web 2.0 interactions.

On social media and on the Internet, content is king ! Innogage is bringing you its know-how and expertise in digital communication and engagement to create and dress-up your content to animate your stories, social media, events, campaigns and innovation projects.

Don’t hesitate anymore and communicate with us!

Content Creation
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