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Do you have a question ? Do you want to set a doodle with us ? Do you want to boost your digital communication ? Do you need advice on your next innovation project ? Do you want to partner with us for a better tomorrow ?


InnoGage participates & actively provides services to European RTD projects co-funded by the European Commission.

  • Digital communication (i.e. #DigitalReports, video clips, social media, banners & visual branding, webinars) & dissemination services (i.e. PR, Media, Communication plan).

  • Set-up of multidisciplinary consortium to respond to public calls for projects.

  • Co-design innovative concepts for public calls for projects.

  • Organise seminars & workshops.

  • Organise workshops within high profile international conferences.


InnoGage #DigitalReports cover all your Digital Communication needs to communicate your messages and stories in a clear and concise way.  #DigitalReports are impactful video storytelling reports combining Digital Communication services with our team experience in high-quality video reporting and meaningful storytelling communication. InnoGage #DigitalReports are commercial storytelling video reports combining Digital Communication with our team’s experience in high-quality video reporting and impactful storytelling, blending images, text and sound to convey engaging messages in a small amount of time, together with the multiplying promotional effect of our Media partners network.


Are you an EU project manager ? is a cloud based management system for RTD projects, co-funded by the European Union. is revolutionising the way you manage every aspects of your EU projects. is for YOU ! is currently in testing phase and will be available soon.


NEWSASSET is a customisable digital solution that helps News Agencies, Publishers, Marketers and Influencers get things done!  NEWSASSET is an innovative digital asset management & multichannel publishing solution for News Agencies, Publishers and Marketers & Influencers covering the overall planning, multimedia production & workflow, archiving and cross channel publishing or distribution needs of its users. NEWSASSET is a unique, multilingual, one click, multi-channel publishing platform that automates cross-channel publishing process and allows seamless delivery of content to print, web, mobile and social media. A truly global digital solution, with a multilingual user interface, already available in various language editions including english, russian, arabic, spanish, french, polish, portuguese and greek.

InnoGage is a proud partner of NEWSASSET Partner Network.