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Artcast4D-Unleashing creativity!



Duration: 36 months

FUNDING: European Commission, HORIZON EUROPE Research & Innovation on Cultural Heritage and Cultural and Creative Industries.


Advances in immersive technology are an important driver of the experience economy, enhancing the breadth, depth and intensity of the visiting experience at arts and cultural institutions. Yet, they usually are neither readily available nor broadly accessible. First, they require specific developments that can hardly be carried out by most institutions. Second, the inherent affordance of immersive propositions is questioned by the currently evolving world health situation. The objective of the Artcast4D project is to develop a technological framework and tools that will unleash the potential of EU CCIs for designing and developing cost- effective, non-invasive, immersive and interactive users experiences. Using both academic and industrial approaches, it relies on theoretical and experimental research, open source software and hardware development together with challenging case studies and onsite beta testing implementations. The innovation lies in the ability to create immersive environments in open spaces, withminimally intrusive projection technology, on the capability to design interactive applications with crowd movement and sensing capabilities, and on the open source availability and ability to extend the solutions. Artcast4D will technically and financially promote the implementation of the technology outside the cultural institutions, implementing 4 pilots in cities around the world (Issy-les-Moulineaux, Hounslow, Valencia, Athens), each one with different artistic topics and experiences, and bringing together creative actors and industrial partners with the civil society. All pilots will include training workshops, and open training modules will be designed for developers and artists. The projects outcomes will also help to derive policy guidelines on how to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation potential of CCIs on national level and EU-level.



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